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Arabica Green Coffee Defect Handbook SOLD OUT
Water Quality Handbook ON SALE NOW $19.50
The Coffee Cupper's Handbook SOLD OUT
The Coffee Brewing Handbook ON SALE NOW $22.00
The Coffee Biology Field Glossary SOLD OUT
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SCAA Arabica Green Defect Handbook


The SCAA Arabica Green Coffee Defect Handbook (1st Edition 2004).
This is an excellent companion to the SCAA Green Arabica Defect Poster.

This handbook covers: SCAA Standard for Specialty Beans, Standard Classification Method, Full Black/Partial Black Beans, Full Sour/Partial Sour Beans, Fungus Damage, Foreign Matter, Dried Cherry/Pods, Severe/Slight Insect Damage, Broken/Chipped/Cut Beans, Immature Beans, Withered Beans, Shells, Floaters, Parchment, Hull/Husks. 

A useful handbook for all 'Q' Graders or those studying for the 'Q' Grader qualification.
Pages: 31        Weight: 240 grams   
Spiral bound in heavyboard



 SCAA Water Quality Handbook

The SCAA Water Quality Handbook is an authoritative guide to ensuring that one of the biggest factors going into any cup of coffee, the water itself, is up to SCAA's Golden Cup standards.

"Given that a cup of coffee is made up of 98.5% water, and typically 95% of the espresso beverage, it is important to understand that water is an essential variable - and the quality of this variable is even more important. Water used for brewing coffee must meet the high standards required for proper extraction of the flavors and aromas inherent in a Golden Cup; the SCAA certification of high-quality, fresh brewed coffee." (Excerpt from The SCAA Water Quality Handbook).

This handbook is aimed at guiding coffee brewers in the important, yet often overlooked, aspect of water quality control. Authors David Beeman, Paul Songer and Ted Lingle give brewers a step by step, but not over technical, description of how to get your water to SCAA Golden Cup brewing quality - a standard of excellence. This essential Water Quality Handbook will ensure you make sure every cup a Golden Cup!
Pages: 45        Weight: 185 grams
PRICE within Australia SALE $19.50 
IN STOCK plus $10.00 Shipping


SCAA Coffee Cupper's Handbook 


The SCAA Coffee Cupper's Handbook will help your navigate the complex and mysterious world of coffee flavors. The Coffee Cuppers' Handbook is an essential tool when learning the subtle differences between the many components that give each cup of coffee its own distinct and signature flavor.

Author Ted R. Lingle helps you to unravel the mystery, and take you through the artful science that is 'coffee cupping'. Lingle guides the reader through technical terminology, as well as the nuanced sensory experience of sampling coffee flavors. He covers everything including olfaction, gustation and mouthfeel in this comprehensive instructional guide. The SCAA Coffee Cuppers' Handbook is an asset to those who wish to expand their knowledge of coffee cupping.

"Although scientific knowledge about coffee has advanced during the past 25 years, much about coffee's flavor still remains a mystery. Coffee's distinctive flavor is certainly the principal reason for its high acceptability and enjoyment throughout the world. The difficulty in establishing the nature of this unique and popular flavor has both intrigued and frustrated flavor chemists for a long time." (Excerpt from The SCAA Coffee Cupper's Handbook.)
Pages: 66        Weight: 245 grams
              SOLD OUT


 SCAA Coffee Brewing Handbook

The SCAA Coffee Brewing Handbook is an essential tool for learning the best coffee brewing techniques. Drawing from successful past industry research standards, the handbook is a must have for those who wish to perfect brewing techniques.

In this handbook, author Ted R. Lingle takes brewers through the step-by-step process of creating a product worthy of the Golden Cup Award; a much sought after coffee industry accolade. Lingle takes you through all the steps including grinding the beans, proper coffee brewing temperature, coffee filtration techniques, and analysis of your finished product. His instructions are based on historical precedent and current industry practices.

"Through the efforts of its Technical Standards Committee, the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) is attempting to rekindle the interest in brewing high-quality coffee beverages. The Coffee Brewing Handbook serves as the foundation of this work..." (
Excerpt from The SCAA Coffee Brewing Handbook.)
Pages: 51        Weight: 210 grams
PRICE within Australia SALE $22.00 
IN STOCK plus $10.00 shipping


                         SCAA Biology Glossary 

The SCAA Coffee Biology Field Glossary is an essential tool to better understanding the language of biology as it pertains to the science behind great coffee. Initially developed to accompany a series on coffee genetics for the 2013 SCAA Symposium, curated by science manager Emma Bladyka, it has now become a solid primer on coffee biology, a reference to make it easier to engage with the science that underpins the entire coffee trade.
An industry must-have
In this 27 page handbook, author Emma Bladyka provides an in-depth reference guide for all coffee professionals looking to deepen their understanding of the science behind coffee through the terminology used to describe it.
Excerpt from The Coffee Biology Glossary Handbook:
Few coffee professionals are as equipped to engage with the biology of coffee farms as we might be. Most of us are culinary professionals, not scientists. As we practice our trade, we inevitably gather interest in biological sciences. We may begin to formulate opinions about the ecology of coffee farms or repeat agronomic advice we have heard. We may try to understand soil composition or the effects of climate on flavor. When we declare a preference for a particular coffee variety we are touching on the field of taxonomy, and if we want to understand how coffee breeding works to develop the varieties we love, we must understand genetics. Pretty soon, we’re engaging with experts and ideas from the fields of botany and agronomy, ecology and plant breeding. The common language of these disciplines is biology. 

Pages: 27        Weight: 50 grams
      SOLD OUT

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