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Coffee Recent DevelopmentsCoffee: Recent Developments edited by R. J. Clarke and O. G. Vitzthum is a 'must have reference' for all involved in the coffee industry. Coffee Recent Developments was published in 2001.

Coffee, one of the most commercially important crops grown, is distributed and traded globally in a multi-million dollar world industry. Coffee Recent Developments brings together in one volume the most important recent developments affecting the crop. Contributions from 20 internationally-respected coffee scientists and technologists from around the world provide a vast wealth of new information in the subject areas in which they are expert.

Coffee Recent Developments commences with three cutting-edge chapters covering non-volatile and volatile compounds that determine the flavor of coffee. Chapters covering technology follow, including comprehensive information on developments in roasting techniques, decaffeination, the science and technology of instant coffee and home/catering beverage preparation. The physiological effects of coffee drinking are considered in a fascinating chapter on coffee and health. Agronomic aspects of coffee breeding and growing are covered specifically in chapters concentrating on these aspects, particularly focusing on newly-emerging molecular and cellular technique. Finally, recent activities of some international organisations are reviewed in a lengthy appendix.

The editors of Coffee: Recent Developments have drawn together a comprehensive and extremely important book that should be on the shelves of all those involved in coffee. Coffee Recent Developments is a vital tool for food scientists, food technologists and agricultural scientists and the commercially important information included in Coffee Recent Developments makes it 'a must have reference' to all food companies involved with coffee. All libraries, universities, and research stations where any aspect of the coffee crop is studied or taught should have copies of Coffee Recent Developments available.

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Coffee Recent Developments - Details
Edited by R. J. Clarke and O. G. Vitzthum
Published 2001
ISBN 13: 9780632055531
ISBN 10: 0632055537
Format: Hard Cover
Size: 262 mm x 186 mm
Pages: 272
Weight: 700 grams

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