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ESPRESSO MADE IN ITALY 1901-1962 (1st Edition - 2001)

Espresso Made in Italy 1901-1962 1st Edition IN STOCK
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Espresso Made in Italy 1901-1962 By Enrico Maltoni (1st  Edition - 2001)
A 60-year history of espresso coffee machines. have been able to secure a LIMITED NUMBER of 'new' copies of the 1st Edition of this book by collector Enrico Maltoni (in collaboration with architect-designer, Giuseppe Fabris) . Espresso Made in Italy 1901-1962 is the only publication in the world describing the most important sixty years of espresso coffee machines through their technical and stylistic development. Enrico Maltoni's book Espresso Made in Italy 1901-1962goes back in time to the historical date of November 1901, which marks the birth in Milan of the first patented Italian espresso machine by Bezzera. From this historic moment onwards, the reader can follow the development of coffee machines, step by step, from the early examples - true brass and copper sculptures enriched with Art Nouveau and Art Decò fashion decorations - to the coffee machines of the Fifties which marked the ‘union' between design and industrial production.

These extremely rare and valuable pieces of art are all marked by the big names of Italian design - Giò Ponti, Bruno Munari, Enzo Mari, Achille e Piergiacomo Castiglioni and Marco Zanuso. Even if you are not a coffee drinker, you will not be able to resist the charm of the coffee machines depicted. They include the Art Nouveau ‘Victoria Arduino' model of 1910, the classic-style of the first lever machine by ‘Gaggia' in 1948 and the rare Gio Ponti designed coffee machine produced and trademarked by ‘La Pavoni' (one of the first horizontally-positioned boiler espresso machines). Other machines include, the Cimbali ‘Gran Luce' model of 1958 (inspired by American juke-box design), and the Faema ‘Marte' model of 1952, which draws inspiration from the American Cadillac and Buick cars of the era.

Once you have read Espresso Made in Italy 1901-1962you will be inspired to visit Enrico Maltoni's Coffee Machine Museum in Bertinoro, Northern Italy. Here you will really appreciate the rich history and evolution of the espresso machine. It is a unique and valuable collection. For further information about the museum visit

Espresso Made in Italy (1901-1962) 1st Edition - 2001 - Details:
Format: Hard Cover
Size: 210 mm x 280 mm
Pages: 144
Images: 120 plus
Weight: 820 grams

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