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Le Nez du Cafe Coffee Aroma Scent Kits - More Info

LE NEZ DU CAFÉ Temptation Model with 6 Aromas

Le Nez du Café is IN STOCK in Australia and sold via the secure shopping cart within Australia only.
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Also see Revelation Model (36 aroma kit)
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Le Nez du CafeLe Nez du Cafe is a collection of the most typical aromas found in the world's top coffees. Le Nez du Cafe aroma kit is a valuable educational tool & will assist those involved with coffee to develop & train their senses to easily identify the various aromas present in coffee. This is easily achieved by practising with the scents, putting a name to the scents & storing the scent profile to memory.

A master taster must be able to identify the various coffee aromas. Le Nez du Cafe kits offer a pleasurable way of becoming a competent taster by helping to recognise these aromas. It will also assist the taster in being able to give an informed opinion on the cup of coffee being tasted/cupped and convey the sensations on to others. There is so much more in the aroma of coffee than just coffee. Le Nez du Cafe should appeal to all involved in the coffee process including growers, green bean resellers, master roasters, wholesalers, baristas, trainers, training organisations & coffee connoisseurs.

Le Nez du Cafe Temptation Model has 6 coffee aromas in a compact cardboard box with a richly illustrated explanatory booklet. Le Nez du Cafe 6 aromas are garden peas, roasted peanuts, roasted coffee, butter, caramel, blackcurrant-like. Le Nez du Cafe introductory kit is great for coffee lovers to become familiar with some of the basic aromas found in coffee.
Makes an ideal Corporate Gift.
SIZE: 140 mm x 100 mm x 30 mm
WEIGHT: 215 grams

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